J Z Planned Work

Planned Work

3:45 AM Sat, Nov 17 to 10 PM Sun, Nov 18
J Service between Crescent St in Brooklyn and Jamaica Center in Queens is replaced by E trains and [SB] free shuttle buses

J Trains run between Broad St and Crescent St.

[SB] Buses make all J stops between Crescent St and 121 St, and connect with the E at Jamaica-Van Wyck.
• Transfer between J trains and [SB] buses at Crescent St.

For Sutphin Blvd/Archer Av and Jamaica Center, take the E instead.
• Transfer between E trains and [SB] buses at Jamaica-Van Wyck.

Show Shuttle Bus Stops

Alternate travel note:
For JFK Airport AirTrain, use the A at Howard Beach-JFK via transfer at Broadway Junction.

Jamaica Center-bound platform at 104 St is temporarily closed for renovation.

This service change affects one or more ADA stations.