J Z Planned Work

Planned Work

J No trains between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center

E trains and [SB] free shuttle buses provide alternate service
Weekend & Holiday, 3:30 AM Sat to 10 PM Mon, Feb 17 - 19

J Service operates between Broad St and Broadway Junction.

[SB] Buses make all J stops between Broadway Junction and 121 St and connect
with the E at Jamaica-Van Wyck.

For service between Broadway Junction and 121 St, take a [SB] bus.
• Transfer between J trains and [SB] buses at Broadway Junction.

For Sutphin Blvd/Archer Av and Jamaica Center, take the E instead.
• Transfer between E trains and [SB] buses at Jamaica-Van Wyck.

For JFK Airport, use the A at Howard Beach-JFK via transfer at Broadway Junction.

Show Shuttle Bus Stops

Notes: Manhattan-bound platform at 104 St is closed for renovation.
Jamaica Center-bound platform at 121 St is closed for renovation.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call 511 for help with planning
your trip. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use your preferred relay service provider or the free 711 relay.