A C E Delays


Local downtown C and E service has resumed. An earlier broken rail at 14 St disrupted service along the 8 Av line. Our personnel have made repairs, but anticipate residual delays in both directions on the A , C , and E lines as congestion clears.

Planned Work

ROCKAWAYS: FLOOD PROTECTION | Until September 3, 2018
A trains running to Far Rockaway-Mott Av
No S Rockaway Park Shuttle service at Broad Channel

A trains run between Inwood-207 St, Manhattan and Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St, Queens.

The S Rockaway Park Shuttle runs, approximately every 15 minutes, between Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St and Beach 90 St and via the A to/from Far Rockaway-Mott Av.

For Far Rockaway-Mott Av service, take the S instead, transfer at Beach 90 St.

For Broad Channel S shuttle customers, take the A instead.

For an accessible connection between the A train and S shuttle trains, transfer at Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St.