B D F M Express To Local

Express to Local

Northbound E and F trains are running on the local track from Queens Plaza to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av while we get EMS for someone at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av. 

Planned Work

ALTERNATIVE SERVICE through Summer 2020
Weeknights, Mon to Sat, from
10 PM to 1:30 AM
M Service is extended to the 96 St Q Station in Manhattan

Special M service runs between Metropolitan Av and 47-50 Sts, via the F to/from Lexington Av/63 St and via the Q to/from 96 St.

Overnight between 1:30 AM and 6 AM, M trains run between Metropolitan Av, Queens and Myrtle Av, Brooklyn.

Planned Work

Weeknights, Mon to Fri through Summer 2020
M Service ends early between 71 Av, Queens and 47-50 Sts, Manhattan

M trains run between Metropolitan Av and 47-50 Sts and via the F to/from Lexington Av/63 St and via the Q to/from 96 St. (except Friday, Aug 16 & 23, M trains run on the West Side)

Travel Alternatives:
• For Queens, take the E F R .
• For Court Sq, Lexington Av-53 St, 5 Av/53 St, take the E .

Transfer between trains at the following stations:
• 34 St-Herald Sq F M R
• W 4 St E F M

Please use the following guide to arrive at your station before end of service.

To 71 Av: To Metropolitan Av:
Delancey St/Essex St9:55 PM 71 Av9:55 PM
W 4 St10:00 PMRoosevelt Av10:05 PM
47-50 Sts10:10 PMQueens Plaza10:15 PM
Lexington Av/53 St10:15 PM5 Av-53 St10:20 PM
Court Sq-23 St10:20 PM

Planned Work

Aug 19 - 23, Mon to Fri, from 9:45 PM to 5 AM
F Coney Island-bound trains run via the E from Roosevelt Av, Queens to 5 Av/53 St, Manhattan

Trains resume regular service at 47-50 Sts.

No Coney Island-bound F service at 21 St-Queensbridge, Roosevelt Island, Lexington Av/63 St and 57 St.

Travel Alternatives:
For service to these stations, take the F to 47-50 Sts and transfer to a Jamaica-bound F .

For service from 21 St-Queensbridge and Roosevelt Island, take the F to Roosevelt Av and transfer to a Coney Island-bound F .

From Lexington Av/63 St, take the Q to 34 St-Herald Sq and transfer to a Coney Island-bound F .

From 57 St, use the nearby 57 St-7 Av N Q R station for downtown service to 34 St-Herald Sq where Coney Island-bound F service is available.

Planned Work

Until further notice, Mon to Fri, beginning at 7 PM each night
D N Manhattan-bound trains stop at 25 St, Prospect Av, 4 Av-9 St, Union St and DeKalb Av in Brooklyn

D * N * trains start local service early as we move equipment into place for overnight planned work.

*Due to planned work, D N trains will skip these stations from 10:45 PM to 5 AM, Aug 26 - 30.