This site was created to make the New York City subway’s online presence more open and understandable. Often it’s hard to tell what trains are running, what transfers you can make, or whether delays or planned work are happening at your station. Here you can click on a train line and see all the stops it makes based on day of the week or time of day. Station pages, which you can save to your on-site favorites list, allow you to see every entrance to the station, and for the 1,2,3,4,5,6 and L lines, when trains are arriving in real time.


Late Night

Late night is generally Midnight-6AM though times differ by line and by station. Trains don’t automatically switch over at 12, they finish their run as scheduled. A 4 train starts running local at midnight at one end of the line, but by the time it reaches the other end, it’s going to be later.

Peak Hours

Some stations only get service from a line during peak hours. Others see service changes during peak hours, like one-way service. During peak hours, the arrows on the line pages point in the direction of one-way service. Other times, you can click the Peak Hours button, you’ll see what service looks like in the morning. Service in the afternoon will be in the opposite direction.

Current Limitations:

  • Staten Island Railroad stations are not yet supported
  • Default late night hours are 12-6am. These differ slightly by line
  • Peak hours differ by line. Default is 6-9:30am & 4-7pm
  • Elevators listed on the station’s entrance map may be out of service.
  • Some stations are just weird. For example: on weekends, E trains stop at 75 Avenue and Briarwood Van Wyck Blvd. These are the only stops in the system that see service on weekends but not weekdays. It’s hard to account for these minor details so they’re universally obvious, but I’m working on it.