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Planned Work

Feb 21 - 24, Fri 11:15 PM to Mon 5 AM
1 Service between Dyckman St and 137 St in Manhattan is replaced by A C trains and free shuttle buses

1 trains run in two sections:
1. Between 242 St and Dyckman St, every 12 minutes
2. Between 137 St and South Ferry

[SB] Buses run along three routes, making station stops on the 1 line:
1. Dyckman St between 1 and A stations.
2. St Nicholas Av between 191 St and 168 St.
3. Broadway between 168 St and 137 St.

Use A C trains for service to/from nearby stations in Washington Heights.

• Transfer between 1 and A C trains at 59 St-Columbus Circle.
• Transfer between 1 trains and [SB] buses at 137 St or Dyckman St.
• Transfer between trains and [SB] buses at 168 St A C or Dyckman St A stations.

Show Shuttle Bus Stops

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations and these travel alternatives may not be fully accessible. Please contact 511 to plan your trip.

Planned Work

Feb 21 - 24 • Feb 28 - Mar 2, Fri 11:30 PM to Mon 5 AM
1 Downtown trains skip 207 St in Manhattan

For service to this station, take the 1 to Dyckman St where it will become an uptown 1 .

For service from this station, take the A at nearby 207 St (on Broadway) and transfer to [SB] buses at 168 St or the 1 at 59 St-Columbus Circle.

Planned Work

Northbound 1 train shuttle buses are detoured because of a protest on St. Nicholas Av between 170 St and 190 St. 

Detour is as follows: 

Northbound: Via St. Nicholas Av, right onto 168 St, left onto Amsterdam Av to Ft. George.

Buses will make all corresponding stops along the detour route.