1 2 3 Delays


Expect longer wait times for 3 train service while crews take necessary precautions against COVID-19.

Stations Skipped

1 and 3 trains are skipping 96 St and 86 St in both directions at the request of FDNY so they can investigate an earlier fire at Central Park North (110 St).

Please see a station agent to receive a courtesy pass for continuing subway or bus service.

Consider traveling to nearby 96 St and 86 St stations on the A line. Or, take M104 bus service on Broadway to/from 72 St, 79 St or 103 St.

While the Fire Department continues its investigation at 96 St2 3 [SB] shuttle buses are running between 96 St and 72 St in both directions. 

Planned Work

Mar 27 - 30, Fri 11:30 PM to Mon 5 AM
2 3 Free shuttle buses replace trains at 148 St, 145 St, 135 St, 125 St, 116 St, and 110 St

2 trains run between 241 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse and via the 5 * (express) to/from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, then resume service to/from Flatbush Av.

3 trains run all weekend between New Lots Av and 96 St (express in Manhattan), and via the 1 to/from 137 St.

[SB] Free shuttle buses run along two routes:
1.[SB] Buses run between 149 St-Grand Concourse 2 and 96 St 3 , making 2 station stops at 135 St, 125 St, 116 St and 110 St.
2.[SB] Buses run between Harlem-148 St and 96 St, making 3 station stops at 145 St, 135 St, 125 St, 116 St and 110 St.

Travel Alternatives:
For service between the Bronx and Manhattan, take free shuttle buses.
• Transfer between shuttle buses and trains at 96 St | 3 and/or 149 St-Grand Concourse 2 4 .

To/from the West Side take the 3 .

For Brooklyn 2 stations transfer between 2 and 3 trains at Fulton St .

*Uptown trains skip the 138 St-Grand Concourse 4 5 station.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations and these travel alternatives may not be fully accessible. Please contact 511 to plan your trip.

Planned Work

2 and 3 shuttle buses are extended beyond 96 St to serve 72 St, 79 St, and 86 St due to the ongoing FDNY investigation at 110 St-Central Park North.

Detour is as follows:

Southbound: Via Broadway, continue straight, and terminate on Broadway between 73 St and 72 St.

Northbound: Pickup at 72 St and Amsterdam Av, left on 73 St, right on Broadway and then resume the regular route.