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Planned Work

Jan 24 - 27, Fri 11:15 PM to Mon 5 AM
1 Service between Dyckman St and 137 St in Manhattan is replaced by A C trains and free shuttle buses

1 trains run in two sections:
1. Between 242 St and Dyckman St
2. Between 137 St and South Ferry

[SB] Buses run along three routes, making station stops on the 1 line:
1. Dyckman St between 1 and A stations.
2. St Nicholas Av between 191 St and 168 St.
3. Broadway between 168 St and 137 St.

Use A C trains for service to/from nearby stations in Washington Heights.

• Transfer between 1 and A C trains at 59 St-Columbus Circle.
• Transfer between 1 trains and [SB] buses at 137 St or Dyckman St.
• Transfer between A trains and [SB] buses at 168 St or Dyckman St A station.

Show Shuttle Bus Stops

This service change affects one or more ADA stations.

Planned Work

Jan 24 - 27, Fri 11:45 PM to Mon 5 AM
1 Downtown trains skip 207 St in Manhattan

For service to this station, take the 1 to Dyckman St where it will become an uptown 1 .

For service from this station, take the A at nearby 207 St (on Broadway) and transfer to [SB] buses at 168 St or the 1 at 59 St-Columbus Circle.